Nadine Kira Alex, Harald Kautz:
The Covid-Szenario as the Coronation of the Transhumanist Agenda

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The events that occurred around the covid-19 pandemic were accompanied by a huge amount of apparently irrational behaviour of mainstream media, health authorities and politics. To achieve a coherent understanding of our latest history, it is unavoidable to reconsider those events as parts of a running transhumanist plot to turn humanity into a cyborg-race. This includes the expulsion of the soul and the emotional body, the mentalization of all remaining consciousness structures and – as a capstone – the genetic transformation of the human genome itself. The article delivers a first understanding how this task is accomplished by biochemical, genetic, epigenetic and bioenergetic measures, utilizing both covid-19 and the covid vaccines as bioweapons. The establishment of the core read/write interface utilizing Morgellons and Neuronal Nanobots has been discussed in previous articles. The biochemical integration of covid related changes into this pre-existing structure is understood.

Covert Narcissist & People Pleaser – Structures of an evolving co-dependency pattern

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Narcissism is a personality disorder with a quite bad reputation, however, it is an expression of childhood victimization and needs healing at first place. Sadly, clinical psychology declared narcissism to be non-curable. In this essay, I focused on the codependency pattern between covert narcissism and people pleasing, to find out from which end the equation can be solved best. Although still very anecdotal in character, I would love to share my findings with the professional community, maybe it is possible to integrate some of my understanding and the techniques developed to the benefit of the clients and their codependents.

POSTSCRIPT: Psychosocial, Biochemical and Bioenergetic Aspects of Narcissism and Peoplepleasing

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The essay “Covert Narcissism & People Pleaser – Structures of an Evolving Co-dependency Pattern” was written during an active separation phase of such co-dependency. In the months that followed, there were many opportunities to learn what lessons had actually been learned by the separation, and where the predisposition to such co-dependency still persisted, and accordingly new relationships wanted to grow according to the old pattern. This phase once again revealed a whole set of archetypal patterns. This phase has once again revealed a whole series of archetypal patterns, which ultimately led to the development of a biochemical/radionic remedy, which is soon to go into clinical approval.

Foundations of the New Physics

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This first part of a book on the various branches and implications of the “New Physics” deals with the physical foundations of the currently developing paradigm shift in the sciences. The content includes a deeper understanding of the limitations of relativity, a renewed understanding of the foundations of Maxwellian electrodynamics with the implied scalar wave theory, the discovery of scale invariance, Matti Pitkänen’s Topological Geometrodynamics, Nassim Harramein’s holofractal universe and Quantum Gravity Research.

THE SEVEN KEYS to the friendly takeover of the planet by its inhabitants

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On 70 pages, this essay gathers most of the spiritual practice and the change in life-style needed to reverse the damage done by transhumanism and social engineering. Both are understood as an external influence that has been transforming mankind over the period of the last 25.500 years, starting with the expulsion from paradise, which is fully understood against the background of the biophysics of our planetary, collective consciousness.


1. The Identification of Autism-related Ropeworms as of Morgellon origin. download text in English

2. Fiber Disease, Intestinal Pseudo-Parasites, Delusional Parasitosis & Autism. The Multiple Facets of the Morgellon Condition Explained. download text in English

3. TSE & Creutszfeld Jakob as a Result of Airborn Piezoelectric Nanocrystals, Organo-Phosphates, Heavy Metal Poisoning and Malnutrition. download text in English

4. Available Diets, Supplements and Remedies to Counteract Candida-Related Disease, Degenerative Old Age Disease and Conditions out of the Autism-Spectrum. download text in English

This set of articles offers an overview on the different diseases caused by the geoengineering conducted today, i.e. by the application of transhumanistic technologies by the intelligence community. The first focus is on neuronal nano-bots, which create an interface between radiosignals and the nervous system. The implementation of this interface is partly responsible for the genesis of degenerative old age diseases. The second condition focused on are the Morgellon-related diseases. Morgellons are designed to implement an interface between radiosignals and the human biophoton-system. The aim of these publications is to give doctors and healing practitioners a guideline for the therapy of these conditions. If you suffer from one of these conditions, and the medical establishment does not know how to help or prescribes psycho-pharmaceuticals, simply print out and force your doctors to overcome their cognitive dissonance. Diet-based prevention as well as food-supplements and curative protocols for old age diseases, Morgellons and the autism spectrum are suggested.

Stone Hearts download full text in English

This short essay describes a project from 2019. The Vitalis Foundation had invited a team of creative minds to end the 2-year drought in Furteventura. Within a few weeks, a concept of climate engineering emerged – and was successfully put into practice – that combines the Irish Towers of Power, Orga Urkult antenna technology according to Gustav Adolf Winter, Stone Age stone circle techniques and Cloudbusting according to Wilhelm Reich into a holistic concept.

The Chemistry in Contrails   download text in English

The most important discovery made during the research for this paper was the discovery of the optical toxicity of the chemtrail-particulate plasma, and the way it disturbs the cell communication and the electrical cell-potential of plants. Within the publication the scientific background on biophoton-research and the biophysics of the deterioration of plantlife is described in a manner of a hornbook, to introduce all aspects of science not tought at universities. Most of this paper was written in Norway and reflects all aspects of geoengineering, military technologies and transhumanistic technologies utilized by the intelligence community for surveillance and mind-controll purposes. Also, it reveals the black-magic background of the transhumanistic agenda.