Competences of Harald Kautz, sessions possible in English and German

This is a weird thing, the only two formal competences – where I actually got educated in something – came along with an agreement that this is service to god, and not a subject to make a living on. Just to name the two: I had an initiation in Sukyo Mahikari, where I learned to utilize a special type of healing life force as a bioenergetic technique. The original applications are very strongly embedded in the Japanese tradition of Sukyo Mahikari, highly ritualized, but I moved on from there. Still I need to honor this as the first and initial source of my skills. The second education I had was in psychic reading. This tradition came with less strict monetary limitations, to be precise with the promice to work on donation bases only.

All my other skills come from a life long struggle for self healing, and I simply share the experience I gathered, which at times leads to an inspirational transmission of healing processes.

The wordpress-programming required me to fill in some numbers – which I did – but I do not charge any fixed prices. I am happy to receive donations that balance the actual achievments we get during the sessions.

What I offer are two formats:


This is a simple conversation, to share experience and help to come to a decision which technique is leading the path into self-healing. There is no intervention, no actual healing process to be expected during the consulation.

Sessions: 45 minutes on donation bases

Spiritual Process

This longer session gives space to look at the spiritual side of things. Usualy it involves a high degree of compassion, in a way that I can see the strucure of „consciousness versus subconsciousness“, spot existing traumata, soul losses, destructive personality structures. The beauty of the concept is that I can be compassionate with everything in the client that is in free flow in me, no matter if it is conscious or subconcious in my client. From there, I might share the self-healing techniques I found for myself to heal similar traumata, dissolve destructive personalities and re-integrate lost souls aspects. The psychic reading skill are helpful, if the source of traumatisation or soul loss lies in prenatal traumatisation or past life experiences.

Sessions: 90 minutes on donation bases

Competences – Laura Walker (English only)

Laura Walker used to be a London-based healer who recently moved to Görike/Brandenburg/Germany to join forces with Harald Kautz in matters of community building, bringing in the professional foundation to be able to offer healing services. Over her life-time, she aquired formal education in a number of healing techniques:

What is Meta Health Analysis?

This is a technique that allows us to take you back to the original UDIN (unexpected, dramatic, isolating and no strategy trauma). Which can come from a variety of causes usually in the first 7 years of our lives (includes in the womb).

It is not usual or mainstream and means looking at your ‘symptoms’ in a whole new way. It can be a challenging perspective to take on board, but, once you have a clear knowledge you will find that it makes total sense and will see your ‘symptoms in a whole new light.

We are able to go right back to the origins of an illness this way. This also allows us to understand our body in a more holistic way and get an insight into how the body never lies.

A tool I use most of the time in order to allow a more direct way of accessing the beliefs, themes and issues that replay in your life.

Sessions: 60 minutes                        Fee: £250

What is EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

EFT is a simple self-help tool using a combination of ‘meridian points’ technique. By ‘tapping’ on specific points around the body, gently, whilst focussing on the pain or emotion it is effective for clearing away many unwanted ailments, illnesses, traumatic emotions, phobias, states of mind and physical issues. This is done by tapping on a series of meridian points, a non-invasive technique, not unlike acupressure, or acupuncture, without the needles. The beauty of this way of working with illness is that it does not work with your mind, therefore you do not need to believe in the process for it to work. So for those of you full of doubts mainly due to having experienced let downs in your past choices…we welcome you to see for yourself.

Initially, we introduce EFT and how it works during the first free consultation. This is important so that you as a client understand what happens, how and what your involvement is. The only prerequisite is that you believe you want to heal and want to take charge of that process. We facilitate your return to wellness in whatever area you wish to work on. We believe in our clients’ empowerment…long term.

We give tuition, for free, as we ask you to take responsibility of your health and life. You are given tools to use when you are not with us for every day clearing of any new upsets, traumas or psychological issues.

Sessions:  30 minutes                       Fee: £75


What is Matrix Reimprinting?

Matrix reimprinting goes deeper than EFT, again using tapping technique but allowing you to revisit the original trauma, clearing the pain/issues and healing it. This then is replaced with a new, happier memory. Effectively changing the past and reimprinting it to change the future. This is highly effective especially for those constantly reliving past issues…suffering from chronic or serious disease, experiencing negative life patterns.

This is an effective healing technique and has a profound way of removing life ‘triggers’, inside and outside, so that you can move forward and live a normal, happy and healthy present and future.

Both EFT and Matrix Reimprinting clear the blocks (past traumas) within your meridian, emotional bodies and auric fields. That has been proven to have a direct effect on illnesses; causing the physical body to clear illnesses previously untreatable or recurring… permanently.

They are very effective on virtually all forms of illnesses, chronic conditions, psychological, physical, clinical, allergies, addictions known to humanity. Also, far reaching as each individual embarks on a new life in to wellness…holistically.

Sessions:  90 minutes                       Fee: £125

What is Soul Retrieval?

Many of us do not realise that we have soul parts missing. This means that when we see therapists and counsellors, they are talking to the aspects that are there, not the aspects that are missing. The issue with this is that after a while, we become disassociated with the trauma.

Eventually, the soul aspects that are missing will affect our lives… but be unreachable. Highly distressing for most as it seems as though we have a glitch from addictions to behavioural issues like hyperactivity and scattered memory as well as forgetfulness.

For those who need soul retrieval (soul parts that have jumped out due to trauma). This is a fabulous technique. I learned shamanic soul retrieval many moons ago and combine this with the fulsomeness of matrix Reimprinting.

Sessions:  40 minutes                      Fee: £50

What is Reiki?

The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words – Rei which means “God’s Wisdom or the Higher Power” and Ki which is “life force energy”. Reiki is actually “spiritually guided life force energy.”

Reiki is based on the idea that an unseen “life force energy” flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If one’s “life force energy” is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy.

It allows us to use our own energy with specific symbols to send healing energy either directly (hands on) or using distant healing (this technic is done without actually targeting specific areas as a rule). The technique allows connection with your higher self and allows the your body to decide where and how it wants to use the energy being given.

Sessions:  40 minutes                       Fee: £70

Reiki level 1, 2 and 3 – Mikau Usui lineage

Reiki is an ancient healing technique that is passed down from Master to student via attunement using specific symbols. This takes time as there are 3 stages of attunement. These generally take 21 days per level for the student to build their skills and become confident in their work.

I am a newly qualified Reiki Master and attune and train students for each of the Reiki levels. I expect students to take their training seriously as they are working with clients and must be ready to take consideration of their client’s wellbeing as well as their own. It is not for those looking for a quick fix as Reiki demands a level of dedication and commitment.

Presently, this has been suspended during lockdown due to social distancing. This will be reinstated after the lockdown has ended.

What is The Balance Procedure?

These are very powerful cards that combine reiki, colours, sacred geometry, zodiac, crystal energies, numerology, 5 elements, physical aspects of the body and planetary aspects.

They are used for a variety of things from aligning you with your year path, life path, balancing the system/energy field, clearing health symptoms and aligning ourselves to our partners, family, dreams, wish lists and goals.

This is a tool that keeps giving indefinitely. Worth the 40 minutes it takes for us to balance the system.  I would go as far to say that it is a fantastic gift of love to give anyone as it works for all areas of life and is simple to use.

Sessions:  40 minutes                       Fee: £95 (includes book and cards)

What is Rife Technology?

This is frequency technology that tunes in to the frequency of the separate organs in the body that you have an health issue with such as kidney, liver, stomach issues, mental health, depression, physical pains… endless uses and can be used across any distance.

Raymond Rife was the inventor of the Rife machine. He was also the inventor of the microscope that all hospitals worldwide use. An impressive man who left a legacy of wellness to mankind.

I use the Rife technology as part of a treatment. I feel it deals with the presenting health issues but I also like to go to the root of the issues using a variety of techniques in conjunction with it.

This I usually charge around £50 unless it is being used as part of a session where I will charge £10.

What is Music Therapy?

This is a form of healing that uses frequencies that align with the different organ frequencies of the body and energy fields. I use chakra tuning forks during sessions whenever needed. It allows an easier access to the blocks especially attuned to the chakras.

Using chanting of your name or OM. This has a lovely healing and soothing effect on the energy field. This usually causes a sense of wellbeing at the end of the sessions.

I use this both in one to one or online… I do not usually charge because I use it as part of a session.

The exception is when I do Indian Head Massage and use in the therapy (one to one therapy).

What is the dating game?

This is a little game that gives huge impact on our self-knowledge, beliefs and themes. I use this initially with you so that we can get a deeper insight into what beliefs and themes we are running in our lives that cause us much negative patterns and upsets.

Once you have completed this session, you will have a clear understanding of recurring patterns and of course the life themes you may want to clear as soon as is possible.

The impact is usually a clearance of all of those negative beliefs which effect health, how others treat us, how your world has been operating.

Sessions:  40-50 minutes                  Fee: £50

What is ancestral clearing?

Ancestral energy brings with it a huge amount of life issues. This usually is carried down generation after generation. This comes in many forms which are usually in the term ‘like father like son’ or ‘like mother like daughter’. This can come in the form of repeating history, illnesses, lifestyles and of course serious illness like breast cancer etc.

This is because the trauma is carried down generation after generation… which is usually called genetic. In truth, most illnesses are carried down mostly through belief that it will also happen to you because each previous generation has had it.

The power of thought, belief and fear is powerful… this can manifest whatever it is we are worried about. Most people do not realise the power of belief.  The work here is important as when it is cleared from you, it is cleared from every generation including any children after the clearing is done.

Bradley Nelson has a beautiful system The Emotion Code and The Body Code. I use the Emotion Code basic chart as a stand-alone as one of the first sessions. Then do this with you for other work. It is fabulous as it allows you to clear away stuff that is inherited leaving you in your own energy… this can come from past lives and current life lessons

Sessions:  40 minutes                       Fee: £60

What is an Awakening Coaching?

This is a process that allows you to understand who you Truly are. Not just the being that you see. I take you through your own ‘Beingness’. This encompasses your body system, energy field, lifestyle blocks, themes, effects of beliefs. I also am putting together video modules to share so that I do not have to keep repeating the sessions in the same way.

This also means the information is available to all. I look forward to making them and uploading.

All that I do is from a place of love, peace and stillness. I am an empath so if I seem emotional please know that I am feeling your energy… sometimes hours before our session. I am usually guided and my interpretation tends to be spot on.

This allows me to focus on you and have a little more clarity as to the issues you may be experiencing.

Sessions:  45-60 minutes                  Fee: £120

What are Angel Card and Rune Readings?

This is the equivalent of tarot readings but using divine angel cards. This gives us an insight into what is happening and what is before us. I tend to do these on request.

Sessions:  30 minutes                       Fee: £50

Additional Tools

Wherever possible, for those of you who are interested in learning self-help tools, I am happy to share. For those of you that get to a stage where you want to study any of the techniques, I am happy to point you in the right direction for bonafide courses or triage with other practitioners depending on your needs.

Sessions:  30 minutes                       Fee: No Charge

New Tools

Biofield Viewer

I am currently studying the Biofield Viewer, an exciting and beautiful technology which will allow us to see what is going on physically in photo form; the energetic field within and around each client which will give not only the before treatment state of your whole being but, allows us to see the changes after treatment.

The scope of this visually shows us what is going on from health, energetic blocks, entities, ancestral and much more… from auric field right into the physical body. Giving insights into what is causing illness or life issues. I will announce when I a ready to use the Biofield Viewer.

I look forward to talking to you and wish you much love, peace and joy in your world.