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I wrote a protocol today for a client with terminal cancer on how she can possibly get back on her feet, and thought it would be nice to make this available to the general public. It covers the psychological/spiritual component of the causes of the disease, as well as the levels of nutrition and detoxification. All three approaches are found in various schools with claims of absolutes, and I thought if those there were already getting good results standing on one leg, then a tripod should possibly work wonders.

The psychological spiritual component

Find the cancer-related conflict that arose from a traumatic event about 17 years ago, and resolve the emotional blocks associated with the trauma at that time. Check out Geerd Hamer’s “New Germanic Medicine” online, which lists which type of cancer is related to which type of conflict, to find the active conflict.

Take action from day one

Take activated nano-sized zeolite, 6 times daily 1/3 teaspoon for the first 3 weeks, when symptoms improve halve the dose, but continue until complete cure. Available from:

It is best to take 2 bitter apricot seeds or, if not available, the seeds of two apples per day until complete healing. Available online or in local stores.

Drink plenty of activated, living water, at least 2 ½ liters per day. I personally recommend filtered water activated with Pleroma technology. Pleroma water has a special mega cluster structure that allows the water to carry nutrients and remove toxins through cell membranes. This is important for detoxification and maintaining a strong immune system. Available at: Never stop drinking this water again.

Provide your body transdermally with magnesium (sprays on the skin) with at least until you have completed the colon cleanse, which will be addressed later.

Switch to an all-organic diet (real food from the organic market or local organic farmer or from your own garden) to avoid adding more toxins to your body, and supplement your diet with Hristo Mermerski’s Cancer Protocol: Stop drinking cow’s milk and eating cow’s milk products. If you crave it, goat milk products are a possible alternative, but for the acute healing phase, rather keep orthodox diet in this regard. As for the diet, if you want to follow the classical schools, you can find the most suitable diet by searching for the term “Paleo diet”. Fruits, berries, herbs, roots, high-protein seeds and nuts, no “grass”, that is, gluten-free. The Paleo diet still includes meat. At the end of the day, most bodies don’t need meat when in full health, it’s more of an emergency mechanism for winter, so when we’re short on plant foods, we can replace them with something “that has a face.” If you do eat meat, allow the intestines time to fully digest it before eating the next meal. Energetically, it gets better and better as we move from Paleo to vegetarian to vegan. But please, never eat a vegetarian or vegan diet of industrial foods. You could starve yourself to death. If you have cravings but don’t want to turn to meat, try bone soups instead.

The following steps occur in stages over the many months of recovery to come and serve to detoxify all areas of the body

The following protocols should be used one after the other, with no breaks in between.

Drink ½ liter of isotonic water every day for 3 weeks in small portions between meals. You can make it by boiling ¾ liter of it in a stainless steel pot for 20 minutes and then letting it cool. The isotonic water cleanses the lymphatic system and prepares the body to transport nutrients to and remove toxins from poisoned areas.

Cleanse your colon of possible biofilms that block the absorption of nutrients. If you have a healthy stomach and intestines, Andreas Moritz’s protocol is most effective. It requires 1-3 teaspoons of Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate, available locally) completely dissolved in warm water one hour before breakfast. Whether it’s 1 or 3 teaspoons depends on your magnesium deficiency. Take just enough to completely flush and empty your bowels before breakfast. Do this for 3 weeks. In parallel, you can take psyllium husks to mechanically cleanse your colon.

Once the colon is cleansed, consider taking colloidal silica. Available from:

Cleanse your kidneys with Andreas Moritz kidney tea. Steep 2-3 tablespoons in ½ liter of cold water in the evening, boil in the morning, turn down the heat shortly after boiling and let steep for 5 minutes. Then strain the tea and drink in small portions throughout the day. Available from:

Switch your liver from survival mode to life mode with the help of the radionic remedy Super Zeolite, available from: Don’t be confused, it is not labeled as a dietary supplement, the EU has taken legal action against the product and forced it into stealth mode. The cure lasts 6 weeks, but you don’t have to wait until that time has passed to take further action.

Get the book by Andreas Moritz titled “The amazing Liver and Gallbladder Cleanse” See: and begin a cycle of liver cleanses until the liver is fully recovered.

To detoxify the intracellular environment, we found the combination of Manju, a Japanese health drink, with the radionic signature of juVenilum to be optimal. Manju can be ordered online, the juVenilum signature can currently only be ordered directly from the “Institut für Infopathie UG in Radolfzell, Germany”, if you can find juVenilum for sale online, we have solved our problems bringing the product back online. You can maintain your mental health by doing a 6-week application every half year. This can happen after the cycles of liver cleansing, or in parallel. It depends on the damage already done to your system. If your liver is in good health, you might try it in parallel.

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