“God is pleading, he’s pleading. We know there’s all kinds of imminent pestilence epidemics that are going to sweep across this world during the Great Tribulation. The epidemic, disguised as one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, will wipe out a quarter of the planet’s population.”

Journal of Religion and Health: Covid-19 and the Apocalypse – Religious and Secular Perspectives[1]

Is the period of the great tribulation an accurate biblical prophecy or is it just a screenplay being implemented in real life by evil and occult groups in positions of power?

If Sars-CoV-2 was developed in a laboratory, then Omicron might as well be a newly created platform, sort of the same wheelbase but a different model.

“Supposedly mild.”

For the first time since early 2020 both sides of the fence, the critics and the mainstream, seem to agree on something:

“Omicron is not so bad”

Is this really the case?

Nothing of what was decided by the powers in control during this pandemic was in favor of the people, why should it be different now?

So instead of celebrating the abolishment of social distancing and other protective measures we should ask ourselves why the powers at the helm are deliberately setting the framework for repeated and widespread infections with this virus?

Shouldn’t we pay more attention?

Can we achieve herd immunity with a virus that directly damages our immune defenses?

Not very likely!

Just the opposite can be observed!

Well, imagine that this is just some sort of interplay, like the water retracting before a tsunami.

If the damages are not so obvious as in earlier variants, there must be something subtler at play, something difficult to notice, diverse in its manifestations and progressing without rush.

Covid-19 conditions (including Omicron infections) and “gene therapy” can lead to a wide range of chronic illnesses, amongst which Long Covid conditions, heart disease, brain disorders, diabetes and cancer are frequently reported.

Most important for example is the causation of immunodeficiency, similar to HIV infections, a bit less severe though, but slowly deteriorating our defenses, worsening with each exposure to Omicron or the mRNA “treatments”.

The widespread partial immunodeficiency in large parts of the population is already leading to a strong increase in all kinds of infectious diseases, including Sars-CoV-2 re-infections.

Most at risk are the parts of the population with the highest numbers of direct contacts, like doctors, healthcare personnel, school children, teachers and anyone working in places with higher numbers of people in closed environments.

Their weakened immune systems are leading to a sharp increase in so called opportunistic infections, and hospitals in some countries are at the brink of collapse right now with large groups (especially children) showing respiratory (Covid and non Covid) infections.

Look closely at the emphasis by the media on “new waves of pathogens” like monkey pox, respiratory viruses, shingles, herpes, hepatitis – and an endless stream of scaremongering reports!

Are these pathogens anything new?

No, they have been with us for millennia!

So, think for yourself, are there more pathogens out there than before or is the population now weakened and more susceptible for infectious diseases?

In the next months to come the healthcare system will not be able to cope with the situation and this will be the narrative to reinforce severe restrictions and be used as a strong argument for new vaccination campaigns and enforcement of QR code passports, coupled with payment wallets for all citizens, further discriminating the unvaccinated!

What does the prophecy say in this regard?

Mark of The Beast

The mark of the beast occurs at the middle of the tribulation period. Since the tribulation is a seven-year period, the mark of the beast will be required at the half way mark or 3.5 years into the tribulation. It forces people to receive the mark “666” in order to buy or sell.[2]

Looks like this prophecy is also right on the money!

We urge all sensible minds to reconsider their opinions and change their course of actions!

Protective measures and withdrawal from physical contacts whenever possible are recommended.

In case of infections the immune system of patients cannot clear the pathogens by itself and needs strong support by administering antivirals and antibiotics!

Nutraceuticals and dietary protocols for the recovery and strengthening of the innate and adaptive immune system need further evaluations.

So far, the healthcare system is not providing effective treatment for infected patients and on top of that the emergency capacities are overstretched by now.

We need to connect with doctors and providers of available solutions to get through these challenging times.

Some promising protocols have been developed and are provided by several groups, like:

Doctors Federation for the World (DFW)

and for a well proven antiviral and anti-inflammatory, dietary supplement:

Both, infection with this manipulated virus, or the voluntary injections with the spike protein are potentially damaging to our organisms.

The later even with an additional agenda of transhumanism attached to it that can seriously alter our biological and spiritual expression.

We have to defend our right to stay „human“ in the literal sense.

If the monsters in Davos view us humans as useless persons without a soul, then we strive for our legitimate place on the planet, reminding ourselves and them of the fact that we are incredible, empathetic, skillful and soulful creations of a God that they have turned away from since a long time ago.

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[2]  Revelation 13:16-17