Welcome to AquariusTechnologies

Aquarius Technologies was founded in 2003 by Harald Kautz. In the first years it was really about technologies, especially about Free Energy in the tradition of Viktor Schauberger. Later, the focus turned to a scientific understanding of life force per se, in the context of cloudbusting in the tradition of Wilhelm Reich, but also in the sense of Gustav Adolf Winter’s Orga Urkult for a chemical-free agriculture.

In 2012, there was a clear change of perspective. It was about looking at the competition in the field of weather manipulation. A journey into the depths of the rabbit hole. About chemtrailing, to intelligence activities, to tranhumanism, to the black magic roots of transhumanism, down to the historical causes of duality.

What has always remained is the solution orientation. Additional to the scientific understanding of transhumanism there are medical answers to the questions how to keep one’s own body free of nanotechnologies, to the spiritual understanding of the black magic tradition there are answers to the question how to return to being a natural human being.

On this page you will find publications in text form, links to lectures and references to ongoing events. And you can book individual consultations.