1. The kneejerk reaction to all of this seems to be to make a desperate attempt at physically isolating one’s self from everyone else in order to emerge on the other side in tact.
    When you stated that you had heard that only 20%of the US population would survive this, I tend to agree.
    Escaping from here is not really an option since Canada is lock down happy. And going by way of the southern border would be similar to traversing a mine field. And that’s only if the border remains open. One must first leave their friends and family behind since convincing them is near impossible. Most people are not aware of any remedies and many can not afford them if they did.
    The question is how does one accept their fate in this scenario? I’m thinking you would say that this is the wrong question to be asking.

  2. People will say you are a cult leader, and will present dozens of convincing arguments in support of that idea. They will stop at nothing to defeat you, bringing out all their guns. And, referring again to Pirates of the Caribbean, they will give no quarter.

    But, I suspect you are probably are aware of this already.

    • I also suspect that Michael Tellinger,s One Small Town will have a similar fate.
      As you have said before, there is nowhere to hide.

      • Creating an alternate reality is the plan, and that plan is already snowballing
        down the mountain, as you say. I should be grateful that I can observe this, rather
        than mournful that I can not participate in any observable measure, nor survive it. I had no hope before, but do now. That’s a good thing.

  3. So, you are saying that, in order to join your community there in Germany, one has to be able to either buy or rent a home to live in. That one has to have no co-dependencies within the community(a spouse, g.f./b.f. appear to be a co-dependent by definition). One has to be self-responsible, as in, one has to have a money stream coming in to pay the rent or mortgage. In other words, they have to be a success within the fiat monetary system. Not to mention, one has to abandon most or all of their family and friends and/or else be abandoned by them.
    It seems that you should have plenty of cash coming in by the sessions that you offer right here on this website, sessions that are by the standards of many, not cheap.
    In other words, in order to join you there, one has to succeed in achieving and maintaining a relative income independent of the community on a binary-linear level. I think this would eliminate most candidates who work in the service industries, unskilled and semi-skilled labor, which is most people.
    As Michael Parenti would say, “We tend to view the world through the lens of the position we occupy within the socio-economic hierarchy.”
    To all the homeless and starving I might say: Move along, nothing to see here.

  4. Hi Thad. I have had one bankrupt guy staying on the sofa in my living room for 8 month, bought a house for him in the village after two, waiting for him to get his act together to make himself comfortable, no, he prefered hotel MAMA for another 6. Forced him into the not-yet-fixed house with a 30 days deadline to get his act together, seing him move in after like 28 days of doing little, staying there for 2 month doing little, finally moving out over night without any further notice to start the cycle with another rescuer in the village. I had a homeless family in my guest room, mom, two adult sons, two dogs and a cat on 16 sqm, later offering them a room in the abandoned house the other one left, seing them destroy more than fix, getting daughter and grandchild plus cat in for 4 days turning out to be 6 weeks, marginalizing the other good friend who had a room there. When I asked them to move on, my girlfriend was gaslighted as a witch and me as breaking my word. And they moved on to exploit the next rescuer in the village. You know, when loosing joy in giving, abundance stops flowing. Had my lession that way. So I make sure I attract people who can handle abundance. No rescue anymore, no drama interaction. I offer guestrooms for people who want to taste what it is like to be here. But after a while I want to see a decision, whoever wants to stay close, can rent or buy something, stand on his own feet. I am responsible for my own abundance. Not for the one of other people. When I occupy the rooms available with parasites for keeps, no decent people will find place, and the universe will block me from receiving things I would love to share. If you look twice, I offer sessions on donation bases, and I have had clients I even offered money, because they were in need. How many homeless and starving did you invite into your private life to carry them during the last two years? But you are right in one point, to all those who have made up their mind to stay victims, move on, nothing to see here.

    • Yes, People get their minds screwed up at some point, probably in childhood, and wind up projecting to others the impression that life owes them a living. Undoing that damage, if possible, is no picnic.

      Thank you for the reply. I know I said some things I shouldn’t have.

  5. Three days ago master Harald 🙏
    As withThad &the rest of your audience💚 there’s an archetype of gratefulness out here for you🤝
    Today I was wondering if you could help me with this:

    Q: whY peopl givAway powr? . . 💭A..🤔❓

    Follow’nDis-adventagious position when lumerians empathised wit foreign entities ~ These psychological shape-sift’n engineers
    socialized the species into institutions along the yellow brick road of eons -Initiating humankind’s dyaspora in duality

    By institutionalizing – in a fractal manner – while using the spiral of life flower ~ the opposing force went unnoticed
    👥Each pied Piper introduced mirroring hex’s 👥 building upon concentric circles developing an arcanic Pantheon

    🧐 Archtyples developed from archons 💤✨🧞🧚 mindControle became govrnmnt through the ages
    👁️In any cycle where the species showed signs of Awakening ⚡🪐🌪️ the °gods° would Act…
    🌀 Following genocide✍️ history would lead🙏 senses would be dulled🤖 & th👻spirit lost (in need of “salvation’)
    Here’s the reason for amnesia

    In such senerio where- while most of my life I was looking & I didn’t learn about this until late – i hope to find my way out-of-the-loop …
    ~ in the current set of circumstances *had u been local* perhaps that would be too easy lol😶 & so find’n u here just at NM area it is my wish to recover from amnesia & b in a tru trajectory OUT •however it could happen•

    To my knowledge it may be a plethora of variables to but 1. If it looks like I’m on the right path ..2. & according to conscious Creation ..3. there’s strength in archetyple unity? 🤔 4. .. talisman-enforced repetition🧘 imbuing such a collective 💜conscience 🤞 together? 5. Does such a collective already exist?

    • I think, right now, love is the cure-all for those without access to other tools to fight back. But it seems they are trying to eventually eliminate that as well somehow. Yeah right! HK is an inspiration to the doomed as well. That’s an accomplishment. Anyways, I just finished eating 200 bananas, so I should be good for while.

  6. 🤔°#°π°∆° … Found 1st here:
    Checkmate Humanity from the prime minister of Britain
    (mirrored) SixthSense bitchute jan10 2021
    2 there: Harald Kautz(-Vella) & Rachel + the sites theplanetruth.info & tabublog.com ..
    I’ve distributed + listening to various vids from searches … & We’ve already had a pretty good chat in my head 😁
    Noticing the time you responded was 333 with other #-indications I called a local # with a 333 prefix 🧐 & hope to connect …

    Lastly Q: re *a collective 💜conscience 🤞 5. Does such a collective already exist?
    What if..💭..as I believe may be happening already.. something like .. 🧘Peopl at 1st-lite💥 OR by🕯️ candle OR sungaze 🌞 OR with 🎵 song… Send creative energy ~ to dissolve barriers to healthy community engagements . To strengthen Goodwill ~ to empower the Aquarius collective🤔

  7. Hi Harold

    not sure if you will happen upon this so will keep it to a sentence …

    i not only agree with your summery of thought, but can expand on it using less words …

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