1. The kneejerk reaction to all of this seems to be to make a desperate attempt at physically isolating one’s self from everyone else in order to emerge on the other side in tact.
    When you stated that you had heard that only 20%of the US population would survive this, I tend to agree.
    Escaping from here is not really an option since Canada is lock down happy. And going by way of the southern border would be similar to traversing a mine field. And that’s only if the border remains open. One must first leave their friends and family behind since convincing them is near impossible. Most people are not aware of any remedies and many can not afford them if they did.
    The question is how does one accept their fate in this scenario? I’m thinking you would say that this is the wrong question to be asking.

  2. People will say you are a cult leader, and will present dozens of convincing arguments in support of that idea. They will stop at nothing to defeat you, bringing out all their guns. And, referring again to Pirates of the Caribbean, they will give no quarter.

    But, I suspect you are probably are aware of this already.

    • I also suspect that Michael Tellinger,s One Small Town will have a similar fate.
      As you have said before, there is nowhere to hide.

      • Creating an alternate reality is the plan, and that plan is already snowballing
        down the mountain, as you say. I should be grateful that I can observe this, rather
        than mournful that I can not participate in any observable measure, nor survive it. I had no hope before, but do now. That’s a good thing.

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