1. I wrote a song as well.
    Here’s the chorus:

    Getting pushed out of society
    Cuz I didn’t get the vax.

    Yah, yeh, yah,
    Yah, yah,
    Yeah yeah, yah

    The sheep will jump through mental hoops,
    And never get a clue.

    Yah, yeah, yah,
    Yah, yah,
    Yah, yeah, ya.

    It’s a work in progress. 😀

  2. I received this swab 3 months ago. It was almost deadly. Blood was coming from my brain in my moth just couple of hours after the test. To me they even broke the dura matter that separates brain from sinuses. The cerebrospinal fluid from brain is leaking. I had also brain infection. I have many symptoms. I have been mostly in bed. I am better now. It was almost fatal. Nobody believed. Previously very healthy mid age.

  3. I work in a hospital and I’ve looked at these swabs under my microscope at home that we use for homeschool. I didn’t know what I was looking at but it did look exactly like this. I have an unopened one and I don’t want to look again, I’d like to send it to someone who knows what they are doing. it makes me nervous opening them in my home.

  4. He didn’t mention the black, nano-fibre ‘pinworms’ on the swabs at the beginning 0.30 sec. These move on their own (Also seen on cheap blue medical masks from China!)

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