The weaponization of the Flu

Since the covid-19 scenario started to unfold about one year ago, we are facing something that can be best described with the words I saw on a protesters banner in the US which stated:

“Trying to create a fake pandemic and getting mass-awakening instead”

It kinda was one of the best laughs I had during that year. So let us focus on that aspect of mass awakening.

What we face is the “coronation” of their intended One World Government, now openly advertised as The Great Reset. We might as well look at Agenda 21, that is about to be replaced by Agenda 2030. Both agendas hide things behind nice sounding phrases, and it needs experience of how these nice sounding goals are implemented to understand their malignancy. However, the great reset as advertised is very open in its goals: “in 10 years you will possess nothing, and will be happy about it” (Klaus Schwab) – i.e. we are talking about total economic destruction of the middle class, which implies total rule of the corporations, which by definition is corporate fascism. Why we will be happy, is related to the topic of transhumanism, more to this later….

The following is what we can find looking at the “locksteps”[i] leading to the future foreseen by the Rockefeller foundation:

  • A viral pandemic with a high risk of infection and mortality
  • Overstretched health systems of many nations
  • The economy is down
  • International mobility of people and goods is severely hampered
  • Tourism is almost dead
  • Global supply chains are interrupted
  • Retail shops close
  • Missing Containment Protocols in Developing Countries
  • Soft authoritarian response by the governments fail
  • Authoritarian Chinese approach works much better
  • Other nations emulate authoritarian, highly supervisory Chinese approach
  • More authoritarian form of rule persists after pandemic
  • Shocked populations welcome more surveillance … and more authoritarian rule
  • Biometric Identity Capture gets boost
  • More government control over industries vital to the national interest
  • IT-monopolists keep innovations within national borders
  • A multipolar IT-world with US-dominance
  • Philanthropic foundations become part of the external- and security policy of the USA
  • Prominent influence of the major foundations

Now to the “happy”! The other part that is openly discussed by the founder of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab, is the fusion of mankind with AI. Following Ray Kurzweil, who in personal union represents the singularity university and google as the first one to publicly promote transhumanism, with Klaus Schwab’s public announcements we see the political leage projecting transhumanism as our collective future – and COVID-19 related political measures as the way to get there.

Transhumanism is the fusion of man and machine. This is achieved by introducing nanobots into the human body, that establish a bi-directional signal to surveillance-technologies, that root down to a computer system hosting a sentient world simulation (SWS), in which future behavior of individuals is calculated and if necessary, changed by flipping the recorded stream of consciousness back to the surveilled individuum. Like this, the mind control signal is perceived as free will. You see: happy!

All this is very much in the open right now for those who want to see. Let us check how this agenda routes back in history, and how the weaponized flu ties in with transhumanism.

Genetic sequencing of COVID-19 done in the early days revealed sequences copy-pasted from the HIV genome. However, these scientist were forced to withdraw their findings. Later analysis found sequences of the original Spanish Flu.

In 1997, under the supervision of Jeffrey Traubenberger, the Spanish flu was recovered from corpses in the Alaskan permafrost by the US military. It was a matter of time, till this effort would result in a bioweapon. This is how it always works. The bioweapon research facilities actually need a bioweapon, to be able to develop an antidote. Therefore, creating the bioweapon is always the logical first step. It was a matter of time, until the bioweapon would actually show up, accidentally escaped, stolen by agents working for the enemy, or somehow diverted by terrorists. This is actually only of importance, because the US were the only ones to hold that strand from the Alaskan permafrost, like this, the question “who did it?” has a simple and definite answer.

As I said, there comes the day when the bioweapon escapes…. I remember the first incident. Its imprint in reality was so strong, that we even managed to partly predict it publicly before happening.

This is what I first published 13th of July 2014, 4 days before MH17 went down in Ukraine, on Cara St. Louis’ Blog Vortexcourage:

Attention! Crossing lines pointing to terrorist attack against Berlin on July 16th – with a monetary reform following on July the 20th

A few times in my life, I have faced these crossing lines hinting to major events.  It was always a mixture of consciously set hints by the mass media, products of the collective subconsciousness manifesting mainly in feature films and advertisements and some input by clairvoyant people.

Actually, it happened three times, and thanks to loving individuals three times it was possible to stop these events from happening — leaving only a slight trail of corpus delecti that something was happening at all.  This time it is different.  This time even those loving characters step back and welcome the event — for the simple reason that it feels better to enter a phase of open conflict with global fascism than to continue drowning in their ocean of lies.

To the facts:

      • March 8th 2014 flight MH370 vanished from the flight radar and disappeared.  Funnily, the mobiles of the passengers and the crew still rang days after the incident.  It would have been easy to locate them. However, officially the plane is claimed to be lost.  Last recorded position and direction, fuel capacities and extrapolation of the line between the point of last contact and the point of last sighting at the Maldives hint to the American military base on Diego Garcia as the destination of flight MH370[ii].
      • On June 5th and June 10th, 13 planes vanished from the European radar monitors.  The problem occurred in Austria, southern Germany, the Czech Republic and Slovakia[iii]. It was suspected to be a NATO exercise to test a weapon system to disrupt the transponder communication of the airplanes. If one connects the countries that were subject to these incidents, they exactly cover the bee-line from Diego Garcia to Berlin.
      • MH370 was a Boeing 777 ER with a range of 12,800 km, the distance between Diego Garcia and Berlin is 8,661 km.
      • “V”, the whistleblower who announced the long list of Bankster suicides of last winter long before they happened, predicts a major event for mid-July.  It will not be immediately recognized as the Black Swan it will be, but will instead cascade to the implosion of the western financial system, starting off with the silver markets and turning Europe into a field of civil unrest and war.
      • On the 15th and 16th of July, the BRIC countries meet in Brazil to found an alternative to the IMF and the World Bank that will be less western-oriented than recent institutions.
      • Christine LaGarde, head of the IMF, gave a beautiful New Year’s Eve speech in which she elaborated over the numerological meaning of the number 7. As an introduction, she said that “she does what she is told to do,” that she was going to talk about the global economy and what is going to happen in the year 2014.  Then she explicitly started “to test the numerology skills of the audience,” asking them to think about the number 7.  She refers to a number of anniversaries: WW1 (100 years), Bretton Wood (70 years or 7+0=7), the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall (2+5=7), the 7th anniversary of the beginning of the financial crisis (7=7). Also, she refers to the G7: G as a letter also carries the number 7. That, however, will not be as important as the G20, which could be referring to July 20th not July 7th as the important date. A second numerological date that is self-explanatory would be July 16th, 2014, leading to the core set of numbers 1+6=7, July is the 7th month, 2+0+1+4=7, i.e. 777.   Remember the type of airplane that disappeared? It was a Boeing 777.

Now, let’s have a look at the official media.  We see ISIS going berserk in Syria and Iraq…tearing out the heart of a little girl chained to a fence while alive; calling unmarried women to a sexual jihad; killing their families if they don’t hand the girls out for this purpose.  Over 2,500 rockets equipped with sarin were taken at a former factory for chemical weapons.  40 kg of uranium was taken from a hospital in Mosul.  To be honest, it looks very much like a western media campaign. Try to imagine 800 drugged, mad youngsters in open vehicles conquering a country of 32.58 million people.  That would be 1 terrorist for every 40,000 citizens.  Something is wrong here.  Google ISIS.  You will find them here:

To cite:

ISIS provides worldwide security, intelligence, technology and training to government and private enterprises. ISIS is strategically positioned across the globe, with a highly-credentialed management team and personnel.  We have a superlative track record for delivering exceptional service and support to the most demanding of clients in the most challenging of circumstances.

ISIS has earned a stellar reputation with some of the most respected companies and organizations in the world.  Our customers have included various branches of the Department of Defense, State Department and National Security Agencies, as well as the most highly regarded government contractors in aerospace, defense, information technology and security industries.

For me, this looks like someone pays ISIS to deliver a few stunts that can be broadcasted in a way that engenders hatred of ISIS, identifying it with Islam and making them believe ISIS would be capable of attacking the west with dirty bombs and chemical weapons.

We have quite a few US officials that push panic regarding a second 9/11, with weapons of mass destruction.

Switching on the radio from time to time, one might ask why Leonard Cohen’s song, First We Take Manhattan, is played so often at the moment.  “First we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin…” With these incredible lyrics, he dives into the psychology of a “muslim” terrorist.

Sorry to do that, folks, but on the evening of July 15th, people will gather in the center of Berlin to feast on whatever comes out of the final of the world soccer championship (football).  This party will not end before midnight.  The morning hours will be the 16th…you might face a 777 flying in.  If I were you, I would not go there. At least, I would abandon the place before midnight.

Clairvoyant sources confirm that this is planned and that it is okay that it happens to help people wake up.  Also, it is okay to issue a warning such that people who are already awake can move out of the drop zone.

One clairvoyant source said the target is Lichterfelde, a district in southern Berlin.

This is an area where much of the national-oriented, US-establishment of Germany is located.  They are in this way shifting from a US-ruled world to an UN-ruled world. Maybe they hit both.

There haven’t been too many manifestations of the collective subconscious around, which is something that caught my attention.  The only one that shattered me to the bone was one of the skyscrapers at Berlin Alexanderplatz being under construction, covered with a 20×40 meter-big poster showing a soccer hero kicking the ball into a black and white picture of the façade covered by the poster…leaving a 9/11-like hole in the virtual building.

Please share in the ways that are at your disposal to be on the safe side.


Harald Kautz-Vella

As you know, some parts of my prediction were utterly wrong. Although the plane was in the airspace over Berlin at the time predicted, it did not go down there. It continued to Amsterdam, was refueled, and took off back to Malaysia. Over Ukraine, the flight path was diverted to territories combatted between the central government and separatists, was hit by something in the air, partly broke up and then crashed.

There are two versions of this incident, that contradict each other. The official version is that MH17 got hit by a buk missile transported in and out of Ukraine by Russian troops entering the separatist’s territories overnight.

The “thruthers” version is that someone hinted to the Ukrainian intelligence Putin will cross that airspace on the way back from his BRIC meeting in South America, in a plane of the same size and color as the diverted Malaysian plane. According to this version, two Ukrainian military jets intercepted the plane in question and perforated the cockpit with their board-canons. There are pictures of the cockpit clearly showing exit holes of bullets of the expected size. Before crashing, a separate explosion opened the storage area, and corpses rained down kilometers away from the actual crash site. They were already in the process of decay, had no blood in them, but instead there were lots of bags with blood plasma raining down with them. There were pictures of these corpses crashing through roofs and ceilings getting stuck in living room tables without loosing a single drop of blood. Witnesses said they smelled like being dead for weeks. Certain details like the form of the Malaysian flag on the plane and the position of the coffee-bar blocking one of the windows hinted to the fact that it actually was the lost MH 370 that had crashed in the Ukraine, not the MH17 as officially stated. To support this claim, the face book accounts of the people who were officially on the flight that had crashed, were all empty, and all created on the same date. And no family member showed up at the ceremony at the airport.

The pattern, open belly kilometer away from crash sight, somehow reminds of the prediction for Berlin, with the same distance anlong the trajectory between Lichterfelde and the big party on the „Street of the 17th June“ in towns center.

After we had expected some form of weapon of mass destruction being on that flight, we tested these corpses for bioweapons, and they tested positive for a weaponized Spanish flu. Don’t get me wrong, we had no medical personal on the ground, but working with radionic equipment provides the possibility to remote-test using visual material – which is giving results as reliable as muscle-testing in one-to-one medical treatment. With the possibility of seing a weaponized Spanish flu released, we jumped into research and development, and after 10 days we had like 250.000 doses of a „product“ on stock at the headquarters in Vienna to be delivered to the Ukraine on demand. Formally it was designed and labled as a food supplement. To bypass legal procedures it was easier to officially make no medical claims. In reality it was designed to prevent all secondary bacterial infections that had turned out to be the killer in the 1918 pandemic. The supplement was designed to minimize the damage done to the tissue by minimizing the cough irritation, and by boosting the regenerative capability of the tissue. The product was produced in high concentrations to make logistics as easy as possible. We had the FSB involved to possibly assist with the deployment in the separatist territories. But no pandemic emerged.

Just for those who might be interested in the concept, the same food supplement – not the concentrated form, but a “ready to use”-one with the same radionic formulas, is still traded by as eXFluenza. I explicitly make no medical claims on this food supplement, anecdotally I can say that when I needed it in later years, it did suppress coughing to a minimum, prevented fever and other inconvenient symptom, but still had the body do its detoxing via the mucoid skin. Anecdotally spoken, we successfully treated cat AIDS bringing our beloved “Stella” fully back to life. Cat AIDS is the terminal stage of the cat flu, regarded to be terminal with a prognosis of maximum 3 weeks till death. Stella made it another two years.

Relevant to our story here: If that was an attempt to revive the Spanish flu, it failed for unknown reasons. Maybe there is still some form of herd immunity in the epigenetics of mankind.

Then, COVID-19 happened. First genetic sequencing revealed strands from the AIDS virus in COVID-19. Sound analysis of the voices of victims from Wuhan showed, that the frequency patterns responsible for triggering the reproduction of the virus and those for triggering the immune response to remove it from the body were in a harmonic relationship, something that also points to a bioweapon because it does not happen in nature. The effect is, that when the body tries to put an end to the disease, it actually triggers further replication of the virus instead, leading to exponential chain reactions that end up as a cytokine storm. The thing to realize here is: COVID is a bioweapon. When being infected with the original RNA, it can lead to a series of serious symptoms untypical for regular flu.

Back then in early 2020, I jumped into the German research community, just to realized that I faced a closed society that was not even considering testing a solution that was not coming from one of the big pharmaceutical companies. Later that year, it became clear that the entire research and development was focusing on vaccines, not on remedies.

A closer look at the solution the companies come up with, reveals why things are what they are. Actually, all vaccines that make it to the market, are by definition Gen-therapies, not vaccines. Whatever is offered to the public, is designed to mess with human genetics. Companies like biontec, do not even have a history in medical research. They are and have always been into genetics.

This is no surprise, given the official agenda of the Great Reset, to turn humans into borg, to merge humans with AI. One of the main problems the transhumanists face, is that AI utilizes predictive programming. This is something that works with traumatized humans only. A non-traumatized human that lives based on his heart consciousness, functions highly non-linear, absolutely unpredictable, and the entire concept of adding an avatar in a sentient world simulation, that predicts future actions and sets radio controlled triggers to achieve desired actions depends on the predictability of behavior.

We still have to fully understand what these vaccines really do to the human genetics, but the whistle has been blown that they are designed to disconnect us from our divine spirit. Or, it simply damages DNA to an extend that the need for later gene therapies would be plausible (create an problem and offer the solution), and the later gene therapies will disconnect us from the divine. As the whistle has been blown on the nano-machines that are attached to us via the PCR tests stuck deep into our noses, we might face a double purpose of collecting data for NDA databases and shutting down our pineal glands, our main portal to our higher selves.

No fear. Watch your steps. Be safe.





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  1. I just put out the thought that the bitcoin people would exchange their invented money for physical metals. I think that it is inevitable that it will occur.

  2. Thank you, Harald, even while I believed to be informed quite a bit, I was shocked to hear about smart dust present on swabs for testing the flu. Personally, I won’t choose a test, or vaccination. Even when it means I can’t travel oversees to Britain.
    What follows is about the experimental phase of vaccines, and a change in a Dutch law, allowing freedom to use gen- technology in the vaccine production for the present flu. A 3 year break between Jan. 1 2020 and Dec. 31 2023, in this law, allows the producers of the vaccines to make use of that technology.

    Lo and behold, the 4th phase of vaccine-production, will end on Dec. 31 2022, coinciding with the end of the 3 years break in that law about gen-technology.

    What follows is part of a homework done by a Dutch lawyer, Maria Louise Genet. About the experimental nature of Pfizer Biontech and Moderna vaccines:

    „Pfizer Biontech has declared in their protocol of vaccine-production, that the vaccine that is now distributed, is in phase 3 of testing, therefore declaring it as still in the experimental phase. In normal procedures, a phase 4 is completing the production, with tests and research on side-effects of the vaccine, on animals and humans. Which is said to be expected to be complete at the start of2023. Also here, it’s described as „conditional authorization“ (for Pfizer)

    „21 December 2020
    COMIRNATY® (also known as BNT162b2) will be granted a conditional authorisation by the European Commission to place the first mRNA vaccine on the market; this milestone is a global, concerted effort to produce the first approved mRNA vaccine .

    You can read about it in this link:

    This is the Moderna declaration about the experimental phase ending in 2023: (I’ve translated this part in English, for the link is in Dutch)
    This is a conditional authorisation and in accordance with Article 14a(4) of Regulation (EC) No 1782/2003. In order to complete the characteristics of the active substance and the production process of the finished product, the holder of the authorisation must provide additional determined information within the specified timeframe:

    Description deadline
    January 2021
    In order to complete the characteristics of the active substance and the production process of the finished product, the authorisation holder shall provide additional data.

    April 2021
    In order to confirm the consistency of the active substance and the production process of the complete product (initial and final scales), the licensor holder should provide additional comparative and validating data.

    June 2021
    To this date the monthly in between-time reports are distributed. In order to ensure consistent product quality, the licences holder should provide additional information on stability, assess stability of the active substance and the finished product and the specifications of the working substance and the finished product after further experience with production.

    December 2022 (at the same time Pfizer Biontech completes the 4th phase)
    In order to confirm the efficacy and safety of COVID-19 Vaccine Moderna, the holder should submit the final Clinical Research Report for the randomised, placebo-controlled, observer-blind mRNA-1273-P301 study.

    According to Moderna: (I’ve translated this part from Dutch again)
    „Individuals 18 years and older
    The COVID-19 Vaccine Moderna is administered in a 2-dose course (0.5 ml each). It is recommended to administer the second dose 28 days after the first dose (see sections 4.4 and 5.1).

    No data are available on the interchangeability of the COVID-19 Vaccine Moderna, with other COVID-19 vaccines, to complete the vaccination course. Individuals who have received the first dose COVID-19 Vaccine Moderna should be given the second dose of COVID-19 Vaccine Moderna to complete the vaccination course.

    Paediatric patients
    The safety and efficacy of the COVID-19 Vaccine Moderna in children or adolescents in the age of less than 18 years have not yet been established. No data is available“.

    My words: This is a reason to be concerned, merely for the Dutch population, but it’s proof of an alarming development, apart from the fact that never before, such a change of law is made. I’ve received this information from a Dutch lawyer, who has published her study-results, and who was invited by another Dutch lawyer to present her views. The interview is in Dutch, unfortunately you can’t follow it.

    Another decision, which is synchronic with the 2020start of vaccine-research and production, is the following change of a law that forbids GMO application in the production of vaccines: (translated from Dutch, can’t provide the link, sorry)

    „On 17 July 2020, the European Commission published a Regulation which came into force a day later, on 18 July 2020. This Regulation 2020/1043 has put parts of the GMO regulations out of action in the event of clinical trials for COVID-19. For example, no GMO authorisation is required for clinical research into curative or preventive treatment of COVID-19.As a result of the Regulation 2020/1043, the Dutch ‚Temporary regulation deviating treatment of gene therapy licence applications in connection with the fight against COVID-19‘ has been deactivated.

    Regulation 2020/1043 will continue to apply as long as COVID-19 is considered a pandemic by the WHO, or as long as COVID-19 is considered an emergency within the territory of the Union notified in accordance with Decision No. 1082/2013/EU.“

    Please make up your own mind, before someone else does it for you, but not in your best interest always?

    For those of you interested in studying the past, to find teachings for the present, seeing similarities in how events unfold:
    The Shock Doctrine – Disaster Capitalism in Action

    „Naomi Klein’s controversial best selling book which explores how both natural and man-made disasters are used to force disadvantageous political and economic changes on unwilling governments is brought to the screen in this documentary from filmmakers Michael Winterbottom and Mat Whitecross. Using electroshock treatment as a metaphor a harsh jolt to the body and brain that, after being embraced as a healing method, was in turn discovered to cause more harm than good THE SHOCK DOCTRINE explores how the United States, with the help of the C.I.A., became enamored of Milton Friedman’s interpretation of free market capitalism and attempted to persuade developing nations of its value. However, since fully unregulated markets tended to create an unbalanced economic climate in which a small number of people became extremely wealthy and vast numbers were plunged into poverty, the United States was only successful at selling free market deregulation to countries in crisis who had no practical choice than to do what the wealthiest and most powerful nation on Earth demanded“.

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