exclusive video access „from Ripple to Source“

Some lyrics, written by Harald Kautz, performed by NeissQ, following the desperate attempt to discuss the universe with some University Professors.

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„From Ripple to Source“ is a song that came into life as a collaboration of Harald Kautz and NeissQ. The idea was to join forces between alternativ science, that finds itself in a marginalized space within society, and the hip hop community, with the idea to bring the BATTLE of the alternative truth against the matrix knowledge of the establishment into a cultivated form. So this goes to the address of all those Professors who still think they know anything, or anything better.

On this platform, we decided to spread the word on donation bases. All incoming donations go to the musician community recently founded by Harald Kautz in his home village Görike in Brandenburg, Germany. The goal is to provide space and healing to musicians, that then can deliver their spiritual development and its inspirational powers to the world in form of music.

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