Five Stone Power Gut/Liver detox Protokol & Experince by Nadine Kira Alex

My experience with a higher dimensional gut/liver cleanse – ZenCleanz 7 day package + five stones powder + iboga 

I was guided to do a gut/liver cleanse but to do it in a ritual/higher dimensional fashion.

I started with the 7 day ZenCleanz package, a really expensive premium detox product (500$ USD/7 days).

This product is made in asia by spiritual gangsters who ferment fruit enzymes for 3 years and pray over them etc.

It also contains radionics/quantum imprinted materials etc. I was skeptical particularly as there is an MLM sales component but what I experienced was straight white magic.

The ZenCleanz is split into 3 parts: the first day you take tons of apple fiber and mixed enzymes, then for a few days you just take tablets and detox liquids they give you. Then on the 6th day you take enzymes and do a hybrid andrea moritz liver/gall bladder cleanse, the last day is just tablets/detox. During this time you drink only juices etc.

The first day was easy, you basically have to swallow 250ml of warm apple sauce tasting compound, it was a really nice flavour. Its honestly a lot of material and annoying to do it every 2h for 12h.

The first day I took a little five stones powder to try and make it a higher dimensional detox, using its bioenergetic “heat” to break constructs and do magic. It did not really react with my body because the apple pectin mix was so “cold”.

I got so much gurgling and things moving around but no bowel movements. What I did notice is that every 15m or so, I would get a massive food craving. When I tuned into them I realized they were not food cravings, they were flashbacks to intense food I ate. I realized this is the moment a parasite detaches higher dimensionally, your consciousness expresses the “microtrauma” of the food not being digestible. I learned that to get rid of parasites, you have to imagine all of the intense/indigestible food signatures you ate and set the intention to easily digest them. Parasites are simply let in to help digest something your body feels is too big energetically to digest.

I also noticed I had a low grade fever like I usually do when parasite cleansing, but I did not have the feeling of toxicity etc.

The next day on an empty stomach I drank a large glass of juice with a little too much ginger and a pea size amount of five stones powder. This was a WILD experience. Usually with five stones powder you need to manage the “heat” by eating “cold” foods, working out etc. It is known to cause bioenergetic heat runaway, the ancients used to take people, trigger this process and then pour buckets of cold water on them for hours to dissipate the heat, this is immortality cult stuff.

Anyway I triggered the heat and felt the intense energetic nausea, my energy body was nauseous not my physical body. It would alternate from a feeling of nausea to a feeling of having to have diarrhea. When it was nausea, I could feel the heat building up and giving me a headache, when it switched, the headache went away and I could feel my kidneys heating up and aching from the “heat” when the energy went down below. 

I decided to let myself throw up, I felt like I was going to projectile vomit but only a few tablespoons came out, but it felt like I puked up 100 gallons, such relief. It was my energy body purging and only a small amount of was required on the physical plane to represent that. It was like kambo, the purge released a lot of emotions/constructs.

For a few hours I fought this sickness, it wasn’t unbearable but it wasn’t fun, like being too drunk and about to puke. During this time I started getting cramps in my stomach. I would get a cramp, feel the pain strongly, then I would feel some emotional pain from the trauma it was clearing and then the cramp would stop and the next place down would start cramping. This process repeated for a few hours until it went through my whole digestive system and then I felt such an extreme sense of peace and calmness.

I was expecting to release tons of solid material and rope worms/plaque but I just had liquid come out that looked like liquid rubber and smelled evil. When some splashes dried in the toilet bowl it hardened to a thick plastic like film. It honestly did not look like something that would come out of a human, the liquid looked like oil, it was slimy but did not dissolve in water etc.

The next few days were pretty chill and then it came time for the liver cleanse. That morning I went to a TCM doctor and got my liver cupped, got 7 dragons accupuncture to try and deal with the higher dimensional aspect of parasites and he palpated/massaged my liver. During the cupping I felt a huge bioelectrical entity associated with hunger/starvation leave my liver.

For the liver cleanse you take enzymes every few hours then drink an emulsion of of oil/citrus juices that causes your gallbladder to dump bile in an attempt to solubalize the material.

A few hours before this I took 1tsp of iboga rootbark because its super bitter and stimulate small gall bladder release, I also wanted to try to see the energetic process happening inside of me. It hit me like a bag of bricks because I was so clean energetically. I felt it did an amazing job of stimulating the liver because it was 100x more bitter than usual since I have not had any strong tastes in my mouth in a week.

I drank the emulsion and layed down and just explored my body and nothing much happened, I could feel the release, it was like gurgling etc around my liver. At some point tuning into my liver and thinking of cleaning it, it just spontaneously cramped and I heard gurgling, I think it switched from starvation mode into cleaning mode.

Not much happened and then I went to sleep, in the morning I had a bowel movement and it was the first solid movement. It was two fistfulls of green gravely material that was very soapy and did not smell of feces at all. There is no doubt in my mind that this cleanse caused around 2 large handfuls of material to purge from my liver and I could feel the difference.

In parallel with the cleanse I had a lot of emotional/karmic topics come up but I realized that a cleanse like this is basically ritual healing magic, I truely believe I could not have made the spiritual/development steps I did without it. I entered a new frequency band and my bioenergy body remodeled.

During this cleanse I spent hours turning into and exploring the concept of parasites, hunger, cravings etc. I observed a total remodeling of my body around the bioenergetic construct of food scarcity/starvtion. I basically felt an entire constellation of trauma based bioelectrical constructs leave my body and my relationship with food has totally changed.

The proper meal I had was two super fresh tuna sashimis, I kept getting a download to try fresh tuna. I put it in my mouth and savored it, then spontaneously my heart connected to the fishes/DNA lifeforce and I got a rapid feeling of panic/disgust as I felt I had a living being in my mouth, like I was eating a friend.

I dont think I am able to eat meat again, and I dont actually think I need to eat much. I have been studying biophotonics, pranic meditation etc and I was shown that my metabolism was already broken and “breatharian” because I used to push myself with my will/soul to work 16h a day without really eating and this process switched my metabolism to bioenergetic nourishment. The reason I could not use it was because I had starvation trauma from breastfeeding that created a constellation of bioelectrical constructs around food etc. I believe this is what the Daoists called “the three corpses”, a self parasitic psychospiritual construct around craving. 

During the cleanse I used the daoist “5 sprouts” meditation to energise my bioenegetic system and it’s known to energetically “take space” and push out entities and bioelectrical constructs. I had that experience, I could feel myself get energised by it but also had trauma pop up when I used it. 

I think this is a next level protocol and I believe the jedis that made ZenCleanz were channeling angelic energy/tech. It should be done with five stones powder and it should be done in a ritual healing context. Its also a little too powerful, I had trauma manifesting in my physical world and events repeating to heal etc. For example I cut my finger badly many years ago, well at the end of the cleanse I was cutting a plastic thing with a dull knife, flashed back to that memory, thought I was about to cut myself, tried to be more careful and then instantly my hand twitched and I cut myself in the exact same place the exact same shape. 

Alchemic medicine/ritual healing magic is powerful and can cause events to manifest in your physical world, but for me and my spiritual/karmic/healing challenges, this was the only way to break through some barriers and it made me break through a whole new frequency band. 

I highly recommend it although I suspect you can buy just the ZenCleanz 1 day stomach cleanse, juice and then do your own liver cleanse with andreas moritz protocol and save a lot of money. 

Shopping List:

one peas volume of a mix of realgar, malachite, magnetite, cinnabar –

1-2 gram iboga rootbark –

7 day

SARS–CoV–2 Spike Impairs DNA Damage Repair and Inhibits V(D)J Recombination In Vitro

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Protocolo de Desinfecção do Cancro

Escrevi hoje um protocolo para uma cliente com cancro terminal sobre como ela pode eventualmente recuperar, e pensei que seria bom disponibilizar isto ao público em geral. Ele cobre a componente psicológica/espiritual das causas da doença, bem como os níveis de nutrição e desintoxicação. Todas as três abordagens são encontradas em várias escolas com alegações de absolutos, e eu pensei que se aqueles que já estavam a obter bons resultados numa só perna, então um tripé deveria possivelmente fazer maravilhas.

A componente espiritual psicológica

Encontrar o conflito relacionado com o cancro que surgiu de um acontecimento traumático há cerca de 17 anos, e resolver os bloqueios emocionais associados ao trauma nessa altura. Veja a “Nova Medicina Germânica” de Geerd Hamer em linha, que lista que tipo de cancro está relacionado com que tipo de conflito, para encontrar o conflito activo.


Tomar medidas desde o primeiro dia

Tomar zeólito de tamanho nano activado, 6 vezes por dia 1/3 colher de chá durante as primeiras 3 semanas, quando os sintomas melhorarem para metade a dose, mas continuar até à cura completa. Disponível em:

É melhor levar 2 sementes amargas de damasco ou, se não estiverem disponíveis, as sementes de duas maçãs por dia até à cura completa. Disponível online ou em lojas locais.

Beba muita água activa, viva, pelo menos 2 ½ litros por dia. Recomendo pessoalmente água filtrada e activada com tecnologia Pleroma. A água de Pleroma tem uma estrutura especial de megacluster que permite à água transportar nutrientes e remover toxinas através das membranas celulares. Isto é importante para a desintoxicação e manutenção de um sistema imunitário forte. Disponível em: Nunca mais deixe de beber esta água.

Forneça ao seu corpo transdermalmente magnésio (sprays na pele) com, pelo menos até ter concluído a limpeza do cólon, que será abordada mais tarde.

Mude para uma dieta totalmente orgânica (alimento real do mercado biológico ou do agricultor orgânico local ou do seu próprio jardim) para evitar adicionar mais toxinas ao seu corpo, e complemente a sua dieta com o Protocolo de Câncer de Hristo Mermerski: Pare de beber leite de vaca e de comer produtos à base de leite de vaca. Se o desejar, os produtos lácteos de cabra são uma alternativa possível, mas para a fase de cura aguda, mantenha uma dieta ortodoxa a este respeito. Quanto à dieta, se quiser seguir as escolas clássicas, pode encontrar a dieta mais adequada, procurando o termo “Paleo diet”. Frutos, bagas, ervas, raízes, sementes e nozes com alto teor de proteínas, sem “erva”, ou seja, sem glúten. A dieta Paleo ainda inclui a carne. No final do dia, a maioria dos corpos não precisa de carne quando em plena saúde, é mais um mecanismo de emergência para o Inverno, por isso, quando temos falta de alimentos vegetais, podemos substituí-los por algo “que tenha uma cara”. Se comer carne, dê tempo aos intestinos para a digerir completamente antes de comer a refeição seguinte. Energeticamente, fica cada vez melhor à medida que passamos de Paleo para vegetariano e vegan. Mas, por favor, nunca coma uma dieta vegetariana ou vegana de alimentos industriais. Pode morrer à fome. Se tem desejos mas não quer virar-se para a carne, experimente antes sopas de osso.


Os passos seguintes ocorrem em fases ao longo dos muitos meses de recuperação a vir e servem para desintoxicar todas as áreas do corpo

Os seguintes protocolos devem ser usados um após o outro, mas sem interrupções entre eles.

Beber ½ litro de água isotónica todos os dias durante 3 semanas em pequenas porções entre as refeições. Pode-se fazer fervendo ¾ litro de água numa panela de aço inoxidável durante 20 minutos e depois deixá-la arrefecer. A água isotónica limpa o sistema linfático e prepara o corpo para transportar nutrientes e remover toxinas das áreas envenenadas.

Limpa o cólon de possíveis biofilmes que bloqueiam a absorção de nutrientes. Se tiver um estômago e intestinos saudáveis, o protocolo de Andreas Moritz é mais eficaz. Requer 1-3 colheres de chá de sal Epsom (sulfato de magnésio, disponível localmente) completamente dissolvido em água quente uma hora antes do pequeno-almoço. Se é 1 ou 3 colheres de chá depende da sua deficiência de magnésio. Tome apenas o suficiente para enxaguar e esvaziar completamente o seu intestino antes do pequeno-almoço. Faça isto durante 3 semanas. Em paralelo, pode tomar cascas de psílio para limpar mecanicamente o seu cólon.

Uma vez o cólon limpo, considere tomar sílica coloidal. Disponível a partir de:

Limpe os seus rins com chá de rins Andreas Moritz. Cozer 2-3 colheres de sopa em ½ litro de água fria à noite, ferver de manhã, baixar o calor pouco tempo depois de ferver e deixar ferver em lume forte durante 5 minutos. Em seguida, coar o chá e beber em pequenas porções ao longo do dia. Disponível a partir de:

Mude o seu fígado do modo de sobrevivência para o modo de vida com a ajuda do remédio radionico Super Zeolite, disponível em: Não se confunda, não está rotulado como suplemento dietético, a UE tomou medidas legais contra o produto e forçou-o a entrar no modo furtivo. A cura dura 6 semanas, mas não é necessário esperar até que esse tempo tenha passado para tomar novas medidas.

Obtenha o livro de Andreas Moritz intitulado “The amazing Liver and Gallbladder Cleanse” Ver: e inicie um ciclo de limpeza do fígado até o fígado estar totalmente recuperado.

Para desintoxicar o ambiente intracelular, descobrimos que a combinação de Manju, uma bebida de saúde japonesa, com a assinatura radionica de juVenilum é óptima. Manju pode ser encomendada online, a assinatura de juVenilum só pode actualmente ser encomendada directamente do “Institut für Infopathie UG em Radolfzell, Alemanha”, se conseguir encontrar juVenilum para venda online, resolvemos os nossos problemas trazendo o produto de volta online. Pode manter a sua saúde mental, fazendo um pedido de 6 semanas a cada semestre.









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